We are a fun, friendly, happy family of 6 from Papamoa, New Zealand, who have decided to devote all our effort and money to spending quality time with our children. Our hectic, busy lifes, working hard and paying bills just isn’t working for us anymore so after much questioning, discussing, tears and laughs we decided that our ultimate goal was to do all the “one day” things and we absolutely have to do this together as a family.

“One day” we will go there…..

“One day” we will see that…..

“One day” we will do this…..

This is our “one day”. It is now. Its our time. We cant afford to wait. We get one chance to be amazing parents and one shot to have a fabulous life. Theres no do overs or second chances so with that in mind our priorities have totally changed along with our outlook on love and family.

Like most large families, our home is a treasure trove of “stuff”. Stuff which we have valued so much for far too long. The kids playroom has every light up, singing, dancing, racing toy you could imagine with 80% of it never getting touched or played with. Inside every room is another layer of stuff we have accumulated over the years and hauled around with us placing so much care and pride in all of it. Are our kids spoilt? Possibly or possibly not…. who knows. All I do know is that we have worked so hard over so many years to give our kids the best of everything, but only now do I realise that none of these possession really mean that much to us. Our kids love nothing more than playing backdoor cricket, board games or cards but only if we play as well. A playroom bursting with toys for an hour by yourself or a 5 min game of snap with Mum and Dad??? The 5 mins with us wins every time. So the question beckons…. why are we working our arses off to get money so we can buy more stuff, always too busy to spend quality time with our most precoius of gifts… our children??? SCREW THAT!!!

Maybe a little bit crazy, maybe a little bit mad….. whatever, it doesn’t matter to us. We are shutting the door on this life (OK…only for maybe 12 months) and investing our hearts, souls, finances, boots and all into our children.

It’s making memories, its showing the kids how amazing they are and how amazing the world is, its teaching the kids to love life and to show them they can do whatever they want to and to be whoever they want. It’s bonding our family together like nothing else can and showing our kids that Mum and Dad have got your back everytime…. no questions.

Its the opportunity to laugh, cry, cherish and love without boundaries.